Cinetile technology

The Light Management Processor


  • Protection against overheating

  • Analysis of ambient and color temperature

  • Control of brightness and color temperature

  • flicker-free up to 1500 fps

  • Control of the data bus

  • Temperature compensation

  • Compensation of the LED aging process

  • DMX control and communication

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Led control inteca

bi-colour LED 2700-6500 Kelvin

Our headlamps adapt to the conditions without the complicated installation of filter foils or the changing of illuminants. This makes white balance much easier.

In addition, our smart LED control system allows infinitely variable adjustment of the colour temperatures within a correspondingly wide range of 2700 - 6500 Kelvin. External LED control via DMX is also possible.


Colour temperature variable

Colour temperature variable

Bi-Color continuous light is a blessing for every user. Because you surely know this problem as well: filming is done in buildings where there are different light sources. There the light of the sun often hits areas which are illuminated with artificial light. Consequently, the lighting must be adapted to the different areas. Exactly at this point, bi-colour headlights come into play.

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colour rendering index

All products of our Cinetile series are characterized by first-class CRI and TLCI values of 96. We only use high quality LEDs to guarantee this outstanding high-CRI permanently. The sophisticated combination of LEDs of different colour temperatures produces an excellent light quality.

High-Speed recordings

Slow motion recordings in particular place high demands on the equipment. Various models of our Cinetile series are equipped with Sync-IN function. Accordingly, this enables 100% synchronisation of camera recording and light pulse. Our processor-controlled LED systems allow flicker-free recordings at up to 1500 fps. With our optional accessories "High-speed module", up to 10,000 fps are possible.