Cinetile LED headlight

Area lights / Spotlights / Waterproof modules / Tubes / Accent lighting

All lamps have a variably adjustable colour temperature of 2700-6500 Kelvin and reach a CRI value of 96. Many of our systems can be operated with rechargeable batteries and are therefore optimal for mobile use. DMX control is also possible.


HighNoon 12 HighPower Lamp - 3000052410.1

HighNoon 12

1200 watt

HighNoon 5 HighPower Lamp - 3000054400.1

HighNoon 5

550 watts



60 Watt at 2000mm length



3 Watt per module

BM150 LED Video Light ,led video lighting 10

Dual BM150

50 watts


3 Watt per module

Smart LED control for best performance. In addition, for a long service life and low energy consumption. All this distinguishes our products. Thanks to innovative designs and careful selection of materials, Cinetile headlamps open up a wide range of applications. We are constantly working on improving detailed solutions and thus extending the benefits for our customers.

led studio light, led video light